City traffic map baby crawling mat mat

Color: Green
Size: 160cmx130cm
Sale price$30.82


About size:
Dimensions: (200 CM long) (160 CM wide) (0.5 CM thickness)
Dimensions: (length 160 CM) (width 130 CM) (thickness 0.5 CM)
(Please allow 1 to 2 cm error, thank you)
Soft, flexible, hygienic, waterproof and easy to clean
Soft floor surface for infants and toddlers from birth to school
The cushioned surface provides a soft landing for rolling, tumbling and falling
Ideal for reducing noise and vibration, with excellent thermal insulation on all floor surfaces
Since different computers display different colors,
The actual product color may be slightly different from the above image.
Notes and comments:
The product must be bent to be transported.
If wrinkles appear, please expand the product

After a while, the folds will decrease or disappear. 3662234728_1588007961   TB2BPc5oL1TBuNjy0FjXXajyXXa _!1609771593 HTB1Xt48dRDH8KJjy1zeq6xjepXao HTB1bLD9LXXXXXXfaXXXq6xXFXXXW  

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