Drain Pad Rubber Dish Drying Mat

Color: Vegetable White
Size: 30x20cm
Sale price$22.00


The Drain Pad Rubber Dish Drying Mat is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Its rubber and faux velveteen material is durable and soft, so it can be folded and moved easily while still retaining its shape. Its splash-proof design helps keep your counters clean and dry, absorbing water and coffee. It also helps the washed tableware drain water, preventing mildew and bacteria from growing. Plus, its anti-slip texture on the back ensures that it won’t shift, keeping it firmly in place. The Drain Pad Rubber Dish Drying Mat is perfect for use in kitchens, bars, and bathrooms as a coffee pad or drying mat. With its durability and superior water absorption capabilities, it is the perfect kitchen item for any home.

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