Jam Jar Candle - Clementine

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We are proud to introduce a new range of AWGifts - Drophsipping Soybean Wax Candles which are made from hydrogenated soybean oil and free of synthetic wax or paraffin.Each scent is made up of up to 36 different elements. This is exactly what makes them so unique and marvelous.These Agnes&Cat Jam Jar Candles - Clementineare presented in nice recycled glass jars (220 ml) that can be reused once your candle has burned out.Soy wax is a perfect eco-friendly alternative. It is so much cleaner and burn longer. A little more expensive but worth it. Soybean Jar Candles throw scent beautifully and leave a minimal wax residue. These 100% all-natural candles produce 95% less soot too, they are vegan friendly and not tested on animals.This candle leaves a fresh fragrance ofjuicy clementinesto the room. Designed to make a splendid and caring gift. If you resell candles in your e-shop you should absolutely consider add them to your portfolio.

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