Kids Hopscotch Floor Rug Mat 63x31in Big Space Kids Play Mats Non-Slip Silicone Back Mat Wear-Resistant Kid Hopscotch Rugs Suitable For Children's Rooms Home Bedroom Decor Nursery Playground

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❤Excellent comfort❤√Our hop and counting hopscotch rugs are made of soft; safe; and fade-resistant high-quality materials; which can make children feel comfortable; reduce collisions while crawling and playing; and we can play with children . Laughter kept coming. √ When your child is tired; you can sleep on it. A soft rug can provide your child with good sleep quality. √ You can also use it as a children's table and chair pad; which can protect the wooden floor from scratching; which is actuall ❤ BIG SIZE SUPPORT YOU TO PLAY GAMES WITH YOUR CHILDREN


 ❤ Our kids carpet playmat rug has a size of 32'x63\'; which is large enough; so our hopscotch carpet is very suitable for you to play games with your children. You will have fun with your children and gradually produce The tacit understanding; the increase of feelings; this is a happy and happy scene; you will feel happy and happy; you will feel that buying a game mat is a very valuable thing. 


❤EXCELLENT WEAR RESISTANCE AND ANTI-SLIP FUNCTION ❤The back of our kid carpet is made of high-quality rubber material; elastic; wear-resistant and non-slip. You can play with your child with confidence and have a good childhood memories.


 ❤ EASY TO CLEAN AND EASY TO STORE ❤ Is the carpet dirty? No problem; you can easily remove dust from children's carpets by simply wiping or vacuuming. Can clean it? Yes; Just put it in the water. Add mild detergent and wash by hand. Then dry in a ventilated place. Need to put away itt? It's OK; It can be folded and rolled up without any hassle.Very convenient. 


 ❤ √ This will be the best gift for kids; perfect for birthday; Christmas gifts❤


儿童跳房子地毯垫 63x31 英寸大空间儿童游戏垫防滑硅胶背垫耐磨儿童跳房子地毯适用于儿童房家庭卧室装饰托儿所游乐场-7儿童跳房子地毯垫 63x31 英寸大空间儿童游戏垫防滑硅胶背垫耐磨儿童跳房子地毯适用于儿童房家庭卧室装饰托儿所游乐场-8儿童跳房子地毯垫 63x31 英寸大空间儿童游戏垫防滑硅胶背垫耐磨儿童跳房子地毯适用于儿童房家庭卧室装饰托儿所游乐场-9儿童跳房子地毯垫 63x31 英寸大空间儿童游戏垫防滑硅胶背垫耐磨儿童跳房子地毯适用于儿童房家庭卧室装饰托儿所游乐场-10儿童跳房子地毯垫 63x31 英寸大空间儿童游戏垫防滑硅胶背垫耐磨儿童跳房子地毯适用于儿童房家庭卧室装饰托儿所游乐场-11

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