Premium Shaving Gift Set

Sale price$31.99


Turn shaving into a luxurious experience with this premium gift set.

Includes everything you need for the best shave ever:

  • Our premium DE safety razor
  • Luxurious synthetic hair shaving brush
  • TPB 'Samurai' shaving soap - Quickly whips into a lather and smells amazing
  • 5 Astra DE razor blades - Enough for over a month's daily shaves
  • And our step by step guide on mastering your new grooming tools.

Beautifully presented in our black gift box.

Perfect for people that:

- Have sensitive skin (one blade means less irritation or bumps)
- Want to cut back on their plastic consumption (blades are recyclable)
- Prefer natural ingredients over instant foam chemicals
- Want a super close shave that's fun to do

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