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Bunny plush toys are made with superior-quality materials and fabric. The construction material is super soft and irresistible to touch. It is made up of linen and cotton that are environmentally friendly. This innocent-looking cutie-pie doll has a unique appearance. It is so gorgeous and beautifully made that you can shop for it for your kids, niece, or even relatives and pals.
The baby girls toy has high-quality and exquisite craftsmanship and it would be an excellent gift for a child. It is perfect for cuddling and playing. Such koala gifts can be a memorable present to kids of any age. The bunny costume looks so adorable on this African handmade doll and catches a child's attention at once, and after having it, they won't want to leave the house resting this doll free.
• Toy gift for your little princess
• It can be used as a gift and decoration piece on multiple occasions like birthdays,easter bunny decoration, get-togethers, Christmas celebrations and Easter Day celebrations.
• Complements your living space
• It can be used as an add-on to your DIY craft projects
Instructions to use
• Use this baby’s first toy gently, keep away from pointed surfaces to prevent ripping.
• Do not use harmful chemicals to wash it.
• The product is machine washable, but it is preferable to wash it with hands using normal water and mild detergent.
Material: Sustainable Fabric construction
Color: Skin Doll with flawer Outfit
Item dimensions: Height x Width x Depth : 29 x 9 x 3cm
Eco-friendly and Non-toxic

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